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Welcome to Hotei Motors! We have an exclusive Honda and Acura Repair shop in Santa Rosa, and service Sebastopol, Windsor, Healdsburg, Petaluma, Rohnert Park and Cotati. WE KNOW HONDAS! Hotei Motors has been family owned and operated for over 23 years! I exist as a one man shop, Owner/Manager Dominic Allyn, and have been doing this for 15 years! My lovely wife Rose Johnson and I know how hard it is to find a good, dependable, honest mechanic who has people skills. We strive to create a community of loyal, sane customers, many of which have been coming for 20 years. We can guarantee you will love your experience here at Hotei.

Our goal is to keep your Honda or Acura running the way it’s designed using the necessary  Honda parts and fluids. Everyone knows these cars are some of the best on the road and I am proud to service such well engineered machines.  Here at Hotei Motors in Santa Rosa we promise to do everything possible to ensure your satisfaction as a customer. We will also do whatever we can to bring the best price possible to the customer while retaining good quality parts and meticulous labor practices.

Honda & Acura Service & Repair

We strive to offer the most complete spectrum of repairs and services. With the exception of smog, A/C, tire, and alignment work Hotei Motors can handle the majority of repairs and all service work. Here is a short list of some of the most common services we provide.

                          •Oil changes                                         •Minor Servies                                                                       •Major Servies                                     •Brakes                                                                                   •Suspension work                               •Struts                                                                                     •Check engine diagnosis                     •Transmissions                                                                       •Timing Belts                                       •Engine Replacement                                                           •Radiators & coolant system              •Tune-ups                                                                                 diagnosis and repair                        •Battery replacement                                                           •Alternators                                         •Electrical system repair                                                       •Fuel pumps                                         •Tire rotaions                                                                         •Head gaskets                                      •Valve Adjustments

           *Feel free to call about any repair for pricing and scheduling.

All of the fluids we use are factory genuine Honda fluids with the exception of engine oil. We do not use any aftermarket fluids for service unless standard 5w-20 or 5w-30 is used. Hotei uses OES and OEM parts to try and guarantee absolute quality and dependability for a repair. Please call and ask about the difference between OES and OEM parts. Sometimes our prices are higher than our competitors simply because the parts quality we offer is superior.

Superior Service, No Up-Sell Policy!

When the original owner Bob Speed opened Hotei Motors in 1991 he began certain traditions pertaining to how Hotei would conduct business. His contention was that Hotei Motors would specialize in Hondas and Acuras exclusively making us the authority on Honda repair in Santa Rosa. Hotei Motors will never up-sell repairs that are not necessary for your vehicle’s safe and practical operation. If you don’t need a repair right now, we’ll notify you of your vehicles issues and give you a timeline for repairs.

These values continue today to be the backbone of Hotei. The number one reason people don’t trust their mechanic is because of unnecessary up-sells to pull in extra money. My promise to you is to maintain your vehicle and optimize it’s longevity by recommending what needs to be done in a practical way. If your vehicle is unsafe to drive because of a badly needed repair and money is an issue, I can usually work with my customers to provide these repairs as affordably as possible.

Warranty  Misconceptions

If you are a new car owner or plan to step into a new Honda or Acura read this! Service and repair done at Hotei Motors will not void or effect your factory warranty! New Hondas, Acuras and certified pre-owned vehicles that are in need of service and repair at any mileage are welcome at Hotei Motors.

We can guarantee lower prices than the Dealer while using the same factory parts and fluids simply because our labor rate is cheaper! The quality you can expect from Hotei is above and beyond because we are not a flat rate shop. I can take the time I feel I need on every vehicle and still guarantee almost all service or repair jobs done either the same day or the next day without compromising quality.

There are of course certain repairs that must be done at the Dealer, including warranty and recall related repairs. We will always let you know when you have to go to the Dealer, but for everything else don’t hesitate to call Hotei!

The Meaning behind Hotei

Hotei is one of the seven lucky gods in Japanese mythology and folklore. He is also know as the laughing Buddha in the Buddhist religion, and has other names associated with Taoism and Shinto religions. He is commonly mistaken as the founding Buddha of Buddhism and is said to be based on an actual wandering Chinese monk who live during the Liang Dynasty. He is generally depicted as the fat and happy god of abundance and good fortune. More importantly he is a patron for the weak and poor who is associated with taking away the woes and sadness of life.

None of us here at Hotei Motors are practicing Buddhists or advocates of any religion in specific, but we do agree with the message of peace and happiness that the symbol of Hotei offers. This is why we’ve chosen him as our mascot.


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