I LOVE Hotei motors. Dominic is an absolute gem. To have a mechanic who is honest, trustworthy, reasonably priced and wise and kind is such help and major relief. He has saved me so much money and troubles. I honestly don’t know what I would do without his help in keeping all these cars going……please don’t ever retire Dominic!


What a pleasure to deal with straight up honest people who have integrity and care about cars. No muss no fuss no sleight of hand with these Dominic. Just good honest service. Thanks dude!


Congratulations to Dominic Allyn on the 1st Anniversary of Hotei Motors under his ownership!!! Here’s to many more to come!
–A Loyal Customer



  1. Becky (with the quirky Camry) says:

    Dominic is the greatest. He is helpful, patient, honest, trustworthy and really has his customers’ best interest at heart. He’s helped me keep my quirky ’93 Camry running for the last four years and always willing to take the time to explain to me what is going on, to tell me all of my options and to weigh in on what makes the most sense. We are lucky to have such a great mechanic and person in our area!

  2. Brian Farnsworth says:

    These days it is very difficult to find a good mechanic you can trust. The owner, Dominic, is very trustworthy and knowledgeable. He knows what he is doing and is fair. Along with being fair he does nice work and its done quickly. I would highly recommend this place for anyone looking to get their car repaired.

  3. Cole says:

    The stellar service I received from Hotei prompted me to use my Yelp account for the first time.
    There are factors I’ve always considered with mechanics in the past and it’s been tricky to find one that not only meets each one but excels in every category.
    Service: Hotei has worked with my family on multiple occasions and each time there’s been perfect results.
    Price: Hotei is very well priced. Compared to all other mechanics in the area I feel with Hotei you don’t get what you pay for, you get much more.
    Time: My last issue with my car was fixed in less than 24 hours.
    Transparency: Hotei explained everything that needed to be done, how much everything would cost and tips for future servicing on issues that weren’t critical but something to keep an eye on (Like, rear brake pads).
    Not Just Fixing The Problem: Whatever you need fixed will get done right, with no delay and at a good price. I also have received great advice on maintenance and potential issues in the future.
    Peace Of Mind: Whenever I have car trouble I enter into panic mode and it can’t be understated how at ease I feel after talking to Dominic about diagnosing the problem and getting a clear and transparent course of action of what work will be entailed and for what price.
    Hotei is outstanding, I couldn’t give higher praise for the service I received.

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